Impromptu Conversations That Fill The Soul

Being placed under self-isolation has allowed me to connect with so many people (virtually, of course). I am reconnecting with people who’s conversations fill my soul. Conversations that add value and help me grow. Conversations that spark more thoughts and ideas. This is what I thrive for.

I had an opportunity to have an impromptu chat with Sarina Jain. Sarina is a powerhouse. She is the boss lady behind Masala Bhangra, an Indian dance based fitness program. Sarina is also a mom to two beautiful little girls. She has established an empire all while balancing a household, raising kids, and much more.

As one of the organizers for the TD South Asian Festival, I was in contact with Sarina to bring her to Ottawa. And since then, we’ve kept in touch! During one of our recent chats over text, I asked Sarina if she would be open to a recording for my vlog. And, here we are!

And to keep the positivity flowing – Sarina has graciously offered free Masala Bhangra to all my supporters! She is celebrating 20 years of Masala Bhangra and is going strong! Give her a follow @sarinajain on IG and Facebook.

Link to the free workouts:!.html

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