Hi! I’m Meenakshi –  thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, Mama Untold Thoughts. I officially launched my blog in December 2016, after the birth of my first little warrior. I was in need of an outlet to let out a lot of my first time mom thoughts. I went back to work after my maternity leave ended, and let’s just say, life became chaotic – I almost lost me. I had my second little warrior at the end of 2019 and decided to do more. So, I’m happy to say that I have officially re-launched this platform. and I’m definitely here to stay this time.

In addition to this blog, there’s a lot of other new that I will be focusing on: mental health, representation and inclusion when it comes to mamas and women of colour, and organizing events to support and hopefully empower mamas within the Ottawa region. I also have a drive to collaborate with mamas and women who have a goal to empower and support one another. Stay tuned and be sure to keep checking in.

On this platform you’ll find all of my blog posts, links to my YouTube Channel, and a link to my radio show on Rukus Avenue Radio. 

You can find me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @mamauntoldthoughts

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