Because Dad’s Have Thoughts Too…

After publishing my first vlog and hearing first-hand from friends, family, and supporters that I need to do more, I decided to do just that. I talk a lot about motherhood on this platform – and not to undermine our efforts, I think it was time to hear from a dad. I reached out my good friend Anuj one day and asked if he would be open to sharing his thoughts and without any sort of hesitation he agreed to do this. Anuj and I have known each other for many years and we have worked on a variety of initiatives within the South Asian community. Our conversations are always open and we don’t hold back, all while respecting each other’s opinions.

In this addition, I chat with Anuj on his experience as a South Asian dad – we probably could have chatted for hours, but we kept it short and sweet. Grab a beverage (warm or cold), sit back, and enjoy this episode!

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