I Didn’t Forget About You Pa’s…

Father’s Day came and passed. So, you must be wondering about my tribute to the amazing Pa’s out there. To be honest, I get a little choked. I had to build up some tough skin to get my words out for this post. A Mother’s love holds its own special place. But I truly believe that a daughter’s first true love is her Father. Some find this statement offensive. I don’t. For us daughter’s, our Father is the first man who wiped away our first tears and held us close to their heart.

I have witnessed this love first hand between Amia and Matt, her Pa. I have never doubted Matt’s big heart, but since Amia, the love he gives her each and every day just moves me. I know he has been dealing with some changes in his career, but the second he walks through the front door every evening, he leaves work behind him and shows up for Amia. I’m guilty for giving him a hard time, almost all of the time, but I recognize his love for his daughter, I always have. He’s the goof she needs (I mean that in the nicest way); he’ll let her play with her food, splash a little longer in the bath tub, and push her bedtime for some extra giggles between the two of them. And Amia loves it. The moment she hears the front door unlock, she knows it’s Matt; she stops whatever she’s doing and turns to the direction of the door. Her face instantly lights up when she sees Matt walk in. This moment melts my heart every single day. The time they spend on evenings and weekends is short lived; I wish I could have Matt stay home all day, not for my own selfish reasons, but to see the bond between Amia and her Pa grow stronger.

I’ve come to the realization (there’s been a lot of these lately, bear with me), that a daughter and a Father’s relationship is very unique. To us daughter’s, our Father is like that best friend figure; he’s the go-to when we’re in need of something (and we know mom won’t approve), or when we want to be silly, or when we really disagree about something we won’t speak for days and then forget why we’re not talking. At least this is how I’ve experienced it to be. My Papa: the “goofiest cool strict Dad” you’ll ever meet. The thought of doing math homework with my Pops still gives me shivers – god forbid if I ever made a mistake. But it was my Pops who taught me how to ride a bike, polish my parallel parking skills before my driving test, and to overall be a tough cookie (but I still can’t kill a spider without calling him to the rescue). Even today, he empowers me to push myself and to never settle for second best. He will only ever give credit to my Mom (understandable), but give yourself a high-five, Pops – you did good.

And to the Ma’s out there who fulfill both the Ma and Pa duty; I salute you – you are my true heroes. I could never imagine raising Amia without Matt and I could never imagine growing up without my own Pops. Again, sorry Pa’s for the belated shout-out. Your efforts and selfless acts never go unnoticed.

– Ma

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